Golden Age/Satuga

A Heaven on Earth reserved for Brahmakumar and Brahmakumaris and, perhaps, their family and associates. Believed to start around 2036 and exist for 1,250 years from the crowning of Lekhraj Kirpalani, who will have reincarnated as Krishna, as Shri Narayan. "Golden Age" from the Hindi "Sat Yuga". Literally, the Age of Truth. The first of the 5 ages in the World Cycle, when the world is new, perfect and pure. The height of human experiences, natural beauty and technological advancement. In the early days of the BKWSU, may of the followers had visions of the Golden Age, some lasting for days, where they experienced themselves to be lilving with Shri Krishna. Visually by the BKWSU in a fashion very similar to Vaishnavitereligious illustration which are claimed to be distant memories of the same. Said to be nuclear powered. The residents of the Golden Age will have a variety of swan shaped, flying vehicles called vimanas, live in palaces of gold encrusted with jewels and spend all day playing wonderful musical instruments that require no skill to play, writing poetry and dancing. Even work will seem like play. Not unexpectedly, within the Golden Age, there will be different statuses or [[castes, from Emperors to undertakers. For members the BKWSU, the rank of one's status and the lenght of one's experience is determined by the efforts one makes at BKs in this life. The rank of undertakers is reserved for those that fall in lust Procreation will happen not by sex but the power of yoga, children will be born feet first and be able to walk and talk immediately. Average lifespan will be 150 years old.


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